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1 Bunch of of Rainbow Kale. Or buy 3 and save! The young leaves are sweet + tender right now.

Packed with vitamins + minerals, Kale is a great alternative to Lettuce & can be used interchangeably with Rainbow Chard, Spinach, or other leafy greens. Learn what's the big deal with Kale is & see how wonderful healthy can taste.

Kale chips are an easy, big win with little ones & the flavour possibilities are endless.

Kale is perfect as a health boost in smoothies, sandwiches, soups, stews, frittatas, and stir fries. Try a massaged Kale salad, use it in pesto, or slice it thinly & add it to omelets + wraps.

Our Collards are HUGE & make a fantastic gluten-free alternative to a flat bread like a tortilla or as a hot dog bun, they can also be used to make sushi. When rolled, they make a super fast + easy way to add the health benefits of greens to any meal.

Feeling adventurous? Try Vegetarian Pho Soup.

Unsure how to prep + cook with greens? Check out Epicurious & Eat Local Grown.  

Grown by Locally Germinated, using strictly organic methods, in Tilbury, ON. 

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