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*** We're only offering a small number of subscriptions for 2022. When the spots are all filled we cannot guarantee that our Herbal Teas will be available for non-subscribers. ***

Below is a list we put together, answering the most common questions about how our Tea Subscription works.

Why your loose-leaf Herbal Teas?

All of our ingredients are wild-crafted + hand-picked from Terre Tremblay Farm + rashel's backyard in Tilbury, using strictly organic methods. We leave our ingredients as whole as possible & dry them at low temperatures before creating our small-batch blends. This method keeps their medicinal properties** + flavour intact.  

How many loose-leaf Herbal Tea blends do you have available?

We currently have 7 Herbal Teas - CalmResilienceCold ComfortFortifyImmune Boost, Chamomile & Rosehips. New ingredients are already on their way & we're working on two new blends to offer in 2022. Currently, we harvest up to eleven different plants to use in our Herbal Teas.

How many loose-leaf Herbal Teas come in a subscription?

With your yearly subscription you'll receive a total of 8 loose-leaf Herbal Teas. Most of our Herbal Teas have approximately 23 servings per bag.  

What is the cost of the Tea Subscription?

Each yearly subscription of 8 Herbal Teas is $80*. Choose Yearly Subscription to select this option.

We encourage you to pay the full subscription amount in advance. Your support helps our small farm when our costs are the highest (Winter) & before we have anything to sell (late Spring). We rely on these resources to:

🌿 Purchase seeds, soil, greenhouse supplies, compost, tools & the materials needed to grow Herbs + Veggies for our community.
✍🏼 Plan out crops to avoid unnecessary waste.
🌱 Start growing seedlings indoors in January.
🌱 Transplant seedlings outdoors in early March.
💳 Quite literally, continue farming. Without our Membership + Subscription fees we would not be able to continue growing food.

When can I expect my Herbal Teas to arrive?

Your first Herbal Tea will be ready for you in April 2022. Along with the first Herbal Tea of your subscription, you'll also receive 2 FREE Teas!  Subsequent Herbal Teas will be ready in June, September, October, December, and February 2023, for a total of 6 subscription dates.

Do you deliver?

We currently offer delivery within a 20 km radius around Tilbury. The cost of delivery is not included in the subscription price. 

We also have a no-contact on-farm pickup option. 

What is the cost for delivery?

If you have a Farm Champion or Farm Friend Membership, delivery is FREE.

If you buy 3 or more Herbal Tea Subscriptions, delivery is FREE.

On average, delivery is $5 for each delivery, with a minimum order of $10, within 5 km of the farm. This is an estimate only, please contact us for an accurate delivery price for your situation. 

What if I want to buy all 8 Herbal Teas at once?

If you'd rather get all 8 Herbal Teas in our subscription collection all at once (versus six times throughout the year), chose the Full Collection option.

What if I can't pay the full $80 subscription fee? 

If you can't pay the full subscription fee, choose the First Month Deposit For Yearly Subscription option to secure your spot as a subscriber.

With this option you pay the first of six $15 instalments right now, as a deposit to hold your spot. After you receive your first Herbal Tea you will be billed $15 just ahead of when the next Herbal Tea is ready. Payment is required before the next Herbal Tea goes out. 

Can I cancel?

We're confident that once you try our loose-leaf Herbal Teas, you'll want to share them with all your friends + family! If for any reason you need to cancel your subscription, let us know ASAP so we can open up your spot for the next person on our waiting list. If you paid in full, we'll refund you a pro-rated amount for the Teas you haven't yet received. 

How do I renew my subscription?

If you paid in full, your subscription will automatically renew for another year in April 2023. We will contact you in advance with an invoice, from there you will choose to renew or to cancel.

If you're on the payment plan, your $15 bi-monthly subscription fee automatically renews until you cancel it. You will always get an invoice ahead of the next date, from there you can choose to continue or to cancel.

Can I buy an Herbal Tea Subscription for someone else?

🎁 Yes! Tea subscriptions make the perfect gift to let someone know you care about them + their well-being. If you're purchasing a subscription as a gift please let us know so we can make arrangements to get the Herbal Teas to the right person.

If you have any questions please send us an email at or send us a direct message on Instagram or Facebook.

 ** We are not in the business of giving medical advice, we are not certified Herbalists. Customers must do their own research on the uses + benefits of each Herb + Herbal Tea Blend. Even though most of our ingredients are gentle & have little to no contraindications, we strongly suggest you consult your personal medical practitioners to see if any our Herbal Tea ingredients will negatively affect any medication you may be taking or any health problem you may have.

 * Delivery is extra

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