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Know your Farmer, Know your Food

If you're wondering, "what's in it for me?", here's the goods.
You can choose to pay as you go, week to week, or you can buy one of two memberships & reap the perks. Step by step information about how the program works follows below this table. Membership provides the ULTIMATE Fresh & Local experience, and joining is easy. Simply create an account and choose one of the following three options :
Farm Supporter Farm Friend Farm Champion
Lett-uce Try A Basic Box 🥗 Two Peas In A Pod 🥬 Cool As A Cucumber 🥒
Amount $ of gift card Pay as you go $250 $500
What you pay Pay as you go $225 $450
Average spent per week  Less than $10 $10 $20
Suitable for: People who  cook infrequently OR who want to try before they buy 1 - 2 people

Family of 4
2 vegetarians

Length of membership* Week to week 6 months* 12 months*

Delivery to Tilbury**

$5 with a $20 minimum order** Free with a $15 minimum order** Free, no minimum order** 
Early bird ordering


Free potted herb
Free samples of new veggies
Pre-order seedlings
Access to private Facebook group
Customized weekly orders
No weekly obligation
No recurring fees
Create an account Buy now for
Buy now for 

*Only applies to extra perks. Gift cards with a balance never expire.

**We only offer delivery to Tilbury & to communities within a 15 km radius around Tilbury. We also offer no-contact pick-up on the farm, to anyone, free of charge. 

***When product is limited, priority members will have their orders filled + packed first. 


Support Local Farmers, Support Your Community

We have moved away from a traditional CSA model but a pre-season deposit is still an incredible boost to our family farm operation. 

Your membership provides us with the necessary resources to:

🌿 Purchase seeds, soil, greenhouse supplies, compost, tools, and the materials needed to grow year-round.
✍🏼 Plan out our crops to avoid unnecessary food waste.
🌱 Start growing seedlings indoors in late January.
🌱 Transplant seedlings outdoors in early March.
💪🏽 Provide full-time, year-round employment to folx in our community.
🤝🏽 Forge relationships with other local producers by providing everyone with a secure and stable market for our products.

    Buying a membership is a commitment you make to yourself, your family, the community, and to our family farm ...

    thank you farmers

    How it works

    🍅 Create an account then decide what suits you best - the $500 Farm Champion Membership or the $250 Farm Friend Membership - and put the membership gift card in your cart and proceed to the checkout. At the checkout, the 10% we're giving you as a thank you is automatically applied

    🧄 After you buy a membership, you’ll get an email with the code for your gift card. Please check your spam folder to make sure you get this email. You will input this unique code at the checkout every time you make a purchase, until your credit runs out. If you lose or misplace this code, no worries, we can re-send it to you.

    🥦 You will get an email with a special discount code for free delivery, if you’re a Farm Champion, or for free delivery with a minimum order of $15 if you’re a Farm Friend .

    🍉 If you bought a Farm Champion Membership you’ll get an email every Monday with a special code that will allow you to enter our online farmers’ market one day early, before we open the store to everyone else, so you can make sure to get your favourites before they're are sold out.

    🕛 The deadline to order, for everyone, is Wednesdays at midnight. At checkout you choose home delivery (shipping) or contactless pickup at the farm.

    👨🏼‍🌾 On Thursday we head out into our fields & harvest your order FRESH!

    🥗 On Friday your order is ready for delivery or pickup! 

    🌿 Farm Champion members receive a FREE potted herb with their first order (not available for memberships bought from June through to the end of November).

    🍓 Your membership is valid from the date of purchase, either for 6 months if you're a Farm Friend, or 1 year if you're a Farm Champion. If you spend the whole $250 or $500 before your 6 months or 1 year is up, you still continue to enjoy all the perks for the full length of your membership!

    🍆 When you've spent your $250 or $500 & are ready to invest again, simply start from the beginning. Every single time you buy a membership you'll save 10% at the checkout & your membership extends for another 6 months or 1 year from the date of purchase. There's no limit to the number of times you can benefit from our membership perks.

    🥕 If you decide that membership is not right for you, you can still order week to week & pay as you go. Simply create an account & you'll be notified when our online farmers' market opens up for orders. If you decide later that you want to buy another membership, you can do so at any time.

    🍄 There are never any surprise fees & never any weekly obligations!

    More benefits!

    There are many benefits to becoming a member of Locally Germinated's Fresh & Local weekly veggie delivery!

    • 🥗 Garden to plate freshness: produce at the grocery store is harvested up to 2 weeks before arriving at the store. Our veggies go from our land into your hands within 24 hours of being harvested. 

    • 🥕 Knowing you are feeding your family sustainably-grown, healthy, DELICIOUS, nutrient-dense foods.

    • 🥦 Money saved on organic vegetables – our prices are 20% lower than organic produce in grocery stores. We are competitively priced – the majority of our produce is the same price as non-organic.

    • 🍈 Ease + convenience. Save time + money by paying up-front & reducing trips to the grocery store.

    • 🍠 The opportunity to try new vegetables and to be creative in the kitchen – who knows what new favourite dish or veggie you will discover!

    • 🥗 Regular newsletters packed full with recipes, cooking tips, and everything else you need to know to create the freshest, tastiest family meals.

    • 🌾 A safe, secure food system in Tilbury & Lakeshore, that can withstand climate change & political uncertainty. 

    • 🌻 The reduction of food waste & environmental degradation that comes with industrial-scale farming. 

    • 🌽 The chance to be more in tune with the local climate by learning to eat seasonally & reducing your food miles.

    • 💸 💵 Knowing that your food dollars are staying in the Tilbury area, directly supporting small-scale farming families in Tilbury. 

    • 👩‍🌾  👨‍🌾 Supporting local small-scale farmers encourages more farmers to grow for our community.
    • 🐔 🐥 🧒 The opportunity for folx of all ages to see a small-scale farm in action by visiting our free-range pastured chickens, participating in special events + tours, or volunteering (when it is safe to do so again).
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