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Our Farm, Our Story

Founded in 2011, Locally Germinated is based at Terre Tremblay Farm. We're a family farm located minutes outside the town of Tilbury, in the municipality of Lakeshore, on Treaty 2, 1790 (McKee Purchaseterritory. Many different peoples* lived on this land before settlers arrived.



 Terre Tremblay Farm has been in the family since it was established in the 1880’s, and primarily passed down through generations of mothers.

Settlers felled Ash Trees from the property to construct the log home that Mike + Deb Tremblay still live in today. Even the creek that runs along one side of the farm is named Tremblay Creek!

Deb spent most of her childhood living on the farm with her parents & siblings. Mike + Deb went on to raise their own 4 children there.

In the 1990’s they were one of the first local farmers to be certified organic.

Their eldest child – Rashel – is continuing the farming legacy with Locally Germinated.


wild flowers at terre tremblay farm

Our Farmers

Our 3 expert food growers have over 80 years of combined farming, land stewardship & business experience in the community. While Rashel + Andrea prefer to be called Market Gardeners, Mike loves being a Farmer. Nous sommes bilingues! 


Market Gardener

L - R: Andrea Nickerson, Rashel Tremblay

Farmer Tractor

Mike Tremblay in his element

Our Vision

To secure a safe food supply for our community, by growing & providing healthy & delicious food year-round. To inspire a love of cooking, by making it accessible, convenient, and fun. 

Our Mission

To create connections within our community & to the land that nurtures us. To be directly accountable to our community & to be a safe space for vulnerable communities**. To support a strong & vibrant local economy.


Photo sourced from Canada Water Towers

Our Growing Practices

 We're part of a growing movement of small-scale farms who are choosing not to get organic certification. It's not financially sustainable for those of us who exclusively serve our local community, and more importantly the standards aren't strict enough. We're committed to growing in a way that causes the least harm to humans & the environment, and that produces the most nutrient-dense veggies. We're actively working to increase biodiversity while increasing the fertility of our land through regenerative practices, or what we like to call, beyond organic. 
Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario
Canadian Organic Growers

If you have any questions about our safe farming practices we'd love to answer them for you, just head on over to our contact us page. And when the pandemic is over, and it's safe to do so, we'd love to have our community back to visit our farm & see how we grow for you. 

Join us and we can eat the rainbow together!

Organic Vegetables



*Many different peoples lived on this land before settlers arrived, including: the League of the Three Fires peoples (Anishinabe) which includes the Ojibway (Chippewas), Odawa and Potawatomi Nations; the Longhouse people (Haudenosaunee Confederacy, Six Nations) of the Great Law of Peace, which includes the Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, and Seneca Nations; the Attiwonderonk (Neutral); the Myaamia; the Missisauga of Dish With One Spoon territory; the Wendat, before they were forced to flee these lands & live within many other territories (including with the Wyandot), having never been given their own place; the Erie; the Tobacco; and Caldwell Nation.


**We affirm the importance of equitable rights for groups of people made vulnerable in our society through structures of oppression + repression, specifically Indigenous, Black, POC & 2SLGBTQI+ folx. Our farm is a welcoming, safe space that celebrates diversity. 

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