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Free-Range Brown Eggs - 1 Dozen

Terre Tremblay Farm

Free-Range Brown Eggs - 1 Dozen

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PLEASE NOTE: As of April 1st, Eggs will be $6 a dozen.

Not sure if the eggs you're buying at the store are truly free-range? If you drive by our farm you'll see that our chickens spend their days outside, happily eating bugs & roaming around to their hearts' content. What we're doing is more accurately called pastured-raised, which is a bonus for us because they prepare soil for us to grow our veggies in!

Aside from bugs & everything else they forage, the chickens eat a certified organic  chicken feed, and we supplement them with an Omega-fortified feed. 

The eggs are brown + larger than usual. They require larger cartons, if you can, please leave the empty carton with us to re-use again.

Please note:  Eggs are only available for pick-up at the farm. Due to laws + regulations around the sale of eggs, we cannot deliver eggs.

The Subscription is for 1 dozen eggs weekly for 1 year.

Produced by Mike Tremblay of Terre Tremblay Farm.

Grown using organic methods, in Tilbury, ON.

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