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Locally-made Jam
Locally-made Jam
Locally-made Jam
Locally-made Jam

Boondocks Preserves

Locally-made Jam

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Boondocks Preserves are an exciting new, local company!

"Out in the boondocks we make delicious preserves from homegrown, handpicked and locally sourced produce! Our preserves are pure; all vegan and gluten free."

Choose from:

1)¬†Strawberry Jam ūüćď

Our luscious Strawberry Jam is rich and smooth. It will have you reminiscing of summertime! Made with handpicked, organic strawberries from Parks Blueberries. 

2)¬†Blueberry Jam ūüíô

Our decadent Blueberry Jam is simply delicious! It also has a subtle hint of lemon zest. It’s a delightful spread on toast, pancakes or waffles; it’s also Made with handpicked blueberries  from Parks Blueberries. 

3)¬†Lemon Jam ūüćč

Our heavenly Lemon Jam is bursting with flavour! Almost the entire lemon is used in this jam. Made with locally sourced lemons from Mercato Fresh. 

Each jam comes in a beautiful, re-useable glass container.

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