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Locally Germinated


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Fresh Green Pears, sold individually or by the pound. 

1 pound = approximately 4 - 5 Pears of mixed varieties + sizes.

1 pound of Half-Moon Pears = approximately 11 - 12 round Pears (a cross between an Apple + a Pear).

They can be eaten while still firm, or they can sit on a counter & ripen further for a softer Pear.

Our Pears come from 3 sources: (1) an Heirloom variety that was planted over 65 years ago on Terre Tremblay Farm (2) a grafted Tree planted 22 years ago, after the birth of the oldest Farm Child (3) old, never-sprayed Heirlooms grown by a family member in Stoney Point (Halfmoon Pear). 

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