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Sweet Peppers
Sweet Peppers
Sweet Peppers
Sweet Peppers
Sweet Peppers

Locally Germinated

Sweet Peppers

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- Choose from:

  • Purple Peppers - they taste like a Green Pepper except they're purple! (Variety: Islander)

  • Large Orange Snacking Pepper (Variety: Glow) - choose Medium Orange when ordering

  • Sweet Italian Frying Pepper of the Corno di Toro class (Variety: Carmen) -  choose Medium Red when ordering

  • Red + Orange Lunchbox Snacking Peppers (Variety: HMS Red Picnic Pepper + HMS Orange Picnic Pepper). Comes in 1 pint basket or a half pint basket.

Grown by Locally Germinated, using strictly organic methods, in Tilbury, ON.

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