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Sundried Pears

Locally Germinated

Sundried Pears

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For Members Only!!! We only have a limited quantity of these sweet treats & priority goes to our members. If you happen to purchase them & you're not a member, we'll refund you immediately.

1 bag of Sundried Pears. Better + sweeter than candy, these Pears are nothing but ripe Pears left to dry. Most Pears come from an Heirloom variety that was planted over 65 years ago on Terre Tremblay Farm. Others are from a grafted Tree planted 21 years ago, after the birth of the oldest Farm Child. And still others are from a collection of old, never-sprayed Heirlooms grown by a family member in Stoney Point.

Grown by Locally Germinated, using strictly organic methods, in Tilbury, ON.


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