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Rainbow Chard
Rainbow Chard
Rainbow Chard

Locally Germinated

Rainbow Chard

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A Bunch of Rainbow Chard. The new, young leaves are very tender right now.

As beautiful as it is easy to prepare & to cook with, it can replace Kale, Spinach, or any other leafy green in any recipe. It's a breeze to prep & to use, both the leaf + the stem are edible. Chard is proof that healthy, beautiful, and delicious can exist in the same sentence.

Try it in a frittata, or make "chips". Want to hide if from picky eaters? Try layering whole leaves of Rainbow Chard in place of Spinach in Lasagna to give your children a vitamin + mineral boost they won't notice.

Feeling adventurous? Try it Indian style, as a pickle or a spicy pickle & added to a rice noodle dish.

Unsure of how to properly cook greens? Check out Epicurious & Eat Local Grown.

If you find you can't use a bunch in a week, Rainbow Chard is easily frozen. You can freeze the leaves whole (no blanching required) & easily slice it when frozen to use in meals. The stems can be chopped up separately and frozen, to be used later in soups just like Celery.

Need more ideas? Try Chard Recipes, Winter Comfort Foods & our blog.

Grown by Locally Germinated, using strictly organic methods, in Tilbury, ON. 

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